Birthday / Care Package (4 Flavors + Birthday Card))

Birthday / Care Package (4 Flavors + Birthday Card))

Want to surprise a friend with their favorite dessert on their special day? 

Say thank you to a colleague? 

Reward a caretaker you are grateful for? 

Just say I love you to someone? 

Surprises and love notes are our thang. LET US HANDLE THIS. 

We will have a pack ready for you in no time with: 


- 4 Brulees of your choice (Variety or same flavor) 

- 1 Personalized printed label on the package

- 1 Handwritten card with your special message or our heartfelt prose (your choice) 


And if you need us to, we will even take the package to the person! (Additional cost) 


    As with all our cremes brulees, the hard sugar top obtained when we torch your brulees will start melting after a couple hours. If you are a purist, we recommend that you buy the custard only version of our creme brulee (Choose option on the right hand side): we will provide the right sugar, and instructions for you.


    Let us know if you plan on doing it with a culinary torch or with the broiler of your oven: both are great and fun options! 


    We also offer BRULISTA services if you are planning a party: our masked and gloved experte will come over to your party and fire up these brulees for you! Success Guaranteed! (Added Fee: $50/h)

Torched/Custard Only
Delivery Needed ?


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