Under the COVID-19 "Stay-at-Home" order in Los Angeles, restaurants are closed and, for many busy families, it is both a serious time commitment and a safety concern to shop at your usual market or supermarket. These two factors make it a bit of a headache to meal-plan and to gather all the items needed in your kitchen and in your house. 

Our normal activity consists in serving food at public events and wholesaling to airlines, two areas that got instant-frozen at the beginning of the crisis. But Chef Remy is not the kind of rat who gives up easily and crawls inside a hidden conduit to cry all day. 

We thus decided to start this family meal and grocery delivery service in Los Angeles, until things go back to normal and we can get back to torching creme brulees all around LA, while Chef Remy happily quiches everyone again. 


We take orders until Wednesday night of every week, and deliver your order right at your door, on Friday. You may also choose to just pick-up your order yourself at our kitchen in Downtown Los Angeles (curbside pick-up), or at Bar Gravlax in Culver City, either Friday or Saturday (please book a time directly with us).  

If there is anything you are looking for that you cannot find on this ordering page, please email us at holyquiche@gmail.com. We may be able to find it or make it for you! 


Just like everyone else, we are no superhero immune to the virus, BUT here are the precautions we are taking to protect our health, and yours. One single person will do all your grocery shopping and the entire preparation of your order, in a fully permitted commercial kitchen with maximal sanitary procedures in place. We always wear gloves when shopping, and we wear a mask and gloves when cooking and packing your order. All surfaces we work on are sanitized with ECOLAB products approved for killing this virus. There is zero human contact between you and us at the time of  delivery: we drop your order at your door and text you once we are back in our vehicle. 

 Please talk to us: we welcome calls (310.866.5174) and emails (holyquiche@gmail.com)! These are very unique circumstances and we understand if you have questions! 

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Our kitchen is located in Downtown L.A., but the Quiche-Mobile delivers all around Los Angeles! 


Crafted Kitchen

672 S. Santa Fe Ave.

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